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Kubota L45TLB for sale at The Turf Team Inc., Illinois

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Kubota L45TLB for sale at The Turf Team Inc., Illinois



You'll experience greater power, dependability and cleaner emissions with the 45HP Kubota diesel engine. It starts quickly in cold weather and sustains high torque rise, even under heavy loads or at lower speeds. Special balancers provide lower noise and vibration levels, and a spark arrestor muffler is standard equipment.
HST Plus Transmission
With Hydro Dual Speed (H-DS), Load Sensing Ability, HST Response Control and Auto Throttle Advance, the L45's HST Plus Transmission achieves superior performance by providing automated control of both the HST pump and motor.
Feather-Step Operation (Hydraulic Servo System)
Our HST also comes with a smoother, more responsive pedal, thanks to Kubota's traditional hydraulic servo system, which decreases the amount of pressure required to depress the pedal.
Four-Wheel Drive
The L45's four-wheel drive gives you the power and stability you need, especially when pulling heavy loads or working on unsound terrain. The front wheel drive bevel gear assures that you always get a smooth and full power transfer.
The L45's onboard system provides comprehensive tractor information. Get current working status, engine, fuel and oil warning signals, as well as maintenance indications in simple, standard indicator form.
Full Flat Deck
Ou full-flat deck gives you ample legroom. This makes operation more comfortable and mounting and dismounting the tractor easy. Additionally, this deck substantially reduces vibration and driver fatigue through the use of rubber mounts.
Walk-Thru Step
The generous step-thru area lets you switch from loader to backhoe operation quickly and easily. The seat pivots on the spot to eliminate operator dismounts or having to climb over the seat.
Arm Rests
The L45's arm rests help reduce arm movement and operator fatigue, especially when performing loader work.
Slant Nose Hood
The L45's distinctive slant nose hood design isn't just for looks. This unique styling offers you a greater field of view, allowing you to see more of what's in front of you.
Backhoe Crawling Mode
A rare feature for this type of TLB, Kubota's backhoe crawling mode allows you to move at "creep" speed while at the controls of the backhoe. This is especially time-saving when repositioning along lengthy trenches.
Integrated Main Frame
The L45's integral main frame absorbs twisting loads during backhoe and loader opeation and will not transmit flex to the tractor chassis. This ensures the tractor's structural integrity.
Heavy-Duty Rear Axle
The heavy-duty rear axle uses multiple wet-disc brakes for extended life and smooth stopping performance.
Independent PTO
Our independent PTO allows you to engage and disengage the rear PTO while the tractor is in motion. So, there's no need to stop the tractor's travel to engage or disengage the rear PTO. For safer and more convenient PTO use, the L45 features auto shut-off and protective flip-up shields.
3-Point Hitch Storage
Have the backhoe mounted? When not in use, pack away the optional Category I 3-point hitch linkage in our convenient storage spaces.


L45 Specs

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