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Sno-Way 29R Series

Sno-Way 29R Series for sale at The Turf Team Inc., Illinois

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Sno-Way 29R Series for sale at The Turf Team Inc., Illinois



Commercial Plow With Amazing Capacity

The 29R stands out from the crowd with the greatest possible snow plowing flexibility and capacity. Engage the Patented Down Pressure Hydraulics System that increases snow moving capacity another 30% and you have the ultimate snow clearing machine. 

See The 29R In Action With Remote

This plow in action with hydraulic end wings that can be controlled together and independently. This patented dual-wing plow design provides you the ability to move up to 4.8 cubic yards of snow which is double the closest competitor's plow or expendable plow!

Ground Hugger™ Plows

Sno-Way’s Ground Hugger™ blade design transfers pressure from the snow loads to the blade – effectively forcing the blade downward.

Key Features:

  • Aggressive 65-degree cutting edge attack angle
  • Blade geometry creates optimal roll for maximum force on the ground and evenly distributes snow loads across the moldboard
  • Provides unmatched cleaning performance in combination with the downward force of the skid steer or tractor loader arms


Pre-Drilled Top Blade Rail

The pre-drilled top blade rail allows for E-Z installation of So-Way’s E-Z Fit Deflector.


Down Pressure® Hydraulics System

Sno-Way’s patented Down Pressure® snow plow hydraulics is by far the ultimate snow removal equipment upgrade and only Sno-Way has it. No other plow manufacturer offers this option. Some may claim that their heavy weight plows produce results like Down Pressure® snow plow hydraulics, but take it from us – the leader in D.P. technology – no plow will clean as efficiently or as quickly as a Sno-Way plow. Sno-Way’s Down Pressure® snow plow hydraulics allows you to scrape or backdrag more snow in less time resulting in 30% more efficiency.


Tube Steel/Tab-Slot and Lock Construction

Tab-Slot and Lock construction makes the structural components link fully together. After welding tab-slot and lock and tube steel components together, you get the maximum load force absorption available with weldments. This type of construction means your plow is built to last.


Triple-Coat Protection 

We start with zinc phosphate wash as an initial layer to prevent corrosion.

Then we add an automotive E-Coat primer which penetrates the metal to keep rust from ever starting.

Finally, we coat the blade with a military grade powder coat for tough exterior.


EIS™ Wiring System

What EIS is:

Sno-Way’s patented EIS plow light connection system simply interrupts the truck lighting circuit to redirect energy to the plow lighting system. EIS is standard on all Sno-Way truck plows.



  • Down-Time Reduction: Any commercial plower will tell you how they lost money when they fried a relay at 3:00 A.M. The super simple design of the EIS system eliminates all failure-prone relays and modules.
  • Corrosion Elimination: The enemy of electrical problems is corrosion. Corrosion is caused by salt and water – both ever-present in the world if plowing. The Sno-Way EIS system uses military-grade connectors that do not allow moisture in when in use or during storage.
  • Simple, plug-and-play design: Sno-Way’s EIS™ system is so simple, it takes merely seconds to connect or disconnect the plow lights to your vehicle. The mating faces can only plug in one way and provide a positive fit in all weather conditions.
  • EIS™ installs quickly and cleanly: Sno-Way’s EIS™ system uses only one main electrical harness for all vehicle makes and models. Without relays or large modules, installation is the cleanest and fastest in the industry.



150° Hydraulic Wing Rotation

150° hydraulic wing rotation provides infinite snow moving adjustability!


Double Wing Plows

Move More Snow – In Less Time


The patented Double Wing Mechanism offered on the Revolution Series of plows greatly increases snow moving capabilities. The hydraulically-controlled blade wings pivot 150 degrees allowing the plower to turn his machine into a box plow, a scoop plow, a wide straight plow, a curb-cleaning plow, a half scoop plow and anything else the job requires.

In the optimal positions, the Double Wing plows will always outperform any V-Plow, Expandable Wing Plow or Straight plow with wings.

Key Features:

  • Dual Hydraulic Wings
  • Controlled by handheld controller
  • No-Gap wing design
  • Triple axis plow – center angle and dual wing angles
  • Fast and responsive hydraulic action


Model 29R-8'-10"
Blade Width " 106"
30° Angle Plow Width 92"
Blade Height 29"
Weight Steel 705 lbs.
Cutting Edge 3/8" x 6" PRO Proprietary
Vertical / Diagonal Ribs 7/ 0
Trip Springs 2
Plow Lights w/EIS™ Technology Dual Halogen
Down Pressure® Hydraulic System Standard
Wireless Pro-Control™ Optional
Mount System Drive In
Complete plow weight does not include weight of subframe. 

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