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Spreaders SP-1575-1

Spreaders SP-1575-1 for sale at The Turf Team Inc., Illinois

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Spreaders SP-1575-1 for sale at The Turf Team Inc., Illinois



It’s All in the Auger
The transverse auger transmission features a 12-volt electric motor for reliable operation and low maintenance. The auger uses heavy-duty, variable-pitch flighting, which provides balanced delivery of material to the spinner. This innovative system allows the tailgate spreaders to distribute bulk material with unmatched accuracy.​

Inverted "V"
"V" for Victory
Bulk material can be a pain if your spreader isn’t designed to handle it. That’s why SnowEx developed the patented “V” baffle. Used in conjunction with a vibrator, this feature keeps material flowing consistently to the auger, so you don’t waste time unplugging the machine.

Efficient Direct Drive Transmission
The electric-powered motor and auger transmission unit precisely delivers materials to the spinner.

Inverted “V”
The patented inverted “V” baffle allows a consistent flow of bulk materials to the auger.

Dual Variable-Speed Control
Dial in the spread pattern with the new dual variable-speed control. This digital, self-diagnosing unit allows independent adjustment of spinner and auger speeds. It also features bright LED lights and convenient accessory buttons for easy control of the standard vibrator and other optional accessories.

The vibrator attaches to the inverted “V” baffle to maximize flow of bulk materials.

Mounting Systems
Model SP-1575-1 comes with an integrated 2” receiver/3-point mounting system for use with many types of vehicles. SP-1875-1 offers plenty of versatility with a variety of mount options available, including a Universal Pivot Mount (shown).

Fitted Lid
The fitted lid provides a convenient solution for protecting the material from moisture.

Top Screen
Keep large clumps of salt out of the hopper with the provided top screen.

Located in an enclosure on the spreader, the FLEET FLEX electrical system provides power to all accessories and allows for complete fleet interchangeability between other Bulk Pro™ FLEET FLEX equipped tailgate spreaders.


Model SP-1575-1
Empty Weight 160 lb
Overall Length 20.5"
Overall Height 34"
Overall Width 38"
Hopper Length 20.5"
Hopper Width 38"
Capacity (Volume) 5.25 cu ft
Capacity (Weight) 420 lb
Spreading Width Up to 30'
Speed Control Digital, self-diagnosing variable speed control
Wiring Harness Completely loomed with molded plugs
Frame Powder coated steel
Hopper One-piece LLDPE safety yellow poly
Motors Dual 12-volt DC direct-drive motors mounted in weather resistant enclosure
Spinner Drive Assembly Maximum torque transmission with hardened-steel worm and bronze gear
Spinner 10" nylon/glass reinforced resin
Auger Drive Assembly Heavy-duty solid steel construction with maximum torque motor transmission drive
Auger Horizontal high-flow auger
Mounting Receiver mount and 3-point mount combination standard
Standard Equipment  
Top Screen 1/4" steel rod construction with grid pattern
Cover Fitted lid
Vibrator Standard
Inverted Patented vibrating inverted "V" to maximize material flow

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