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  • Kubota SSG25 Stump Grinder

    A great choice for contractors, landscapers, and forestry departments, the SSG2524 Stump Grinder turns large stumps into small chips.

  • Kubota SCL Buckets

    The high-capacity CL148H Bucket is equipped with a CII Hitch and the CL248H is equipped with a two lever Quick-Attach hitch. Both are available with 6 optional bolt-on teeth or an optional bolt-on cutting edge. With a 3/16" shell and end panels and a 48" width, these buckets have a 7 cu. ft. struck and 9 cu. ft. heaped capacity. These buckets are ideal for the landscaper moving volumes of material.

  • Kubota CC30 Concrete Claw

    The CC30 Concrete Claw is used for digging and removing large sections of concrete floors, driveways, sidewalks, and other large slabs. Simply slide the teeth under a concrete slab, lift up, and load the slab under the pin-under top for a clean, quick, easy, and efficient removal.

  • CP30 Operation and Maintenance | Land Pride Service

    Michael from Land Pride walks through the maintenance points for this machine and climbs into the cab of the skid steer to show you the controls of how to properly operate this unit.

  • Compact Mount for BR Series Breaker

    This unit is ideal for demolition of concrete and rock, and as a rental tool where optimum power and breaking efficiency is required.

  • CTR10 Series Compact Trencher

    This tool is ideal for irrigation or utility contractors and make good rental tools too.

  • CPF12 Series Compact Pallet Fork

    The CPF12 helps contractors and material handlers in a variety of industries efficiently move loads from trailers, flatbeds, or racking.

  • CSR10 Compact Powered Rake

    The CSR10 Compact Powered Rake makes seedbed prep a breeze. With a CII hitch, direct drive, and manual or hydraulic angle, this tool is at home in a landscape setting or on a construction site.

  • 3pt Rate of Drop Valve | Land Pride Service

    The three-point rate of drop valve controls how fast the implement attached to the three-point lowers. Dana from the Land Pride Service department walks through how and when to make adjustments to that valve.

  • APS15 Service and Maintenance | Land Pride Service

    Dana from the Land Pride Service department walks through the service and maintenance points for the APS15. Pointing out grease zerks, how to adjust the front rollers, how to switch from high range to low range, adjusting seed cup, and more.

  • GR15 Stump Grinder Operation & Maintenance | Land Pride Service

    Learn how to operate and maintain a Land Pride GR15 Stump Grinder.

  • How to resurface a gravel parking lot with a Land Pride Grading Scraper

    Level, resurface, and recondition a gravel parking lot with a Land Pride Grading Scraper.

  • Land Pride RC5715 Rotary Cutter

    The RC5715 is Land Pride’s new heavy-duty 15' double-deck rotary cutter designed to make right-of-way and roadside maintenance a simple and efficient task and comes with 4 patented features.

  • Land Pride WB10 Weight Box

    When using the loader on a compact tractor, proper ballast is essential for safe operation. Whether you refer to this attachment as a ballast box, safety box, or weight box, its purpose is the same – to keep all four tractor tires in contact with the ground.

  • Land Pride OFM2670 Flail Mower

    The OFM26 Series Offset Flail Mowers hydraulically offset to the right either 22" or 49" – the offset is measured from the center of the tractor to the drive belt cover.

  • Land Pride DH7100 Disc Harrow

    The DH7100 Series Disc Harrows are intended for small farms with big needs but not a big budget.

  • Post Hole Digger Stand Assembly | Land Pride Service

    See how to assemble and attach a Land Pride Post Hole Digger Stand to a Post Hole Digger.

  • Land Pride FDR3690

    With a cutting width of 90", the FDR3690 has the muscle to quickly and professionally groom ball fields, estates, or other lush turf lawns. The unit is designed for long-lasting service with a 3/16" deck, four 13" semi-solid tires, a Double-V Powerband belt, and an optional front-roller. The drive line is a Category 4 with quick-coupler. The hitch is a floating 3-point Category 1 and is quick-hitch compatible. The tapered deck allow users to get close to trees or other obstacles and the medium lift blades produce a finely groomed lawn every time.

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