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  • New Aqua-Traxx® Azul™ Drip Tape from Toro®

    Toro’s new Aqua-Traxx Azul drip tape is more clog resistant than ever! Aqua-Traxx Azul has an innovative emitter design that protects the labyrinth from debris while maximizing clog resistance and performance. So you get the same great quality and performance you expect from Aqua-Traxx, with even more plug resistance and less worry. Available now from Toro Ag. Learn more at

  • Toro® MultiPro® GeoLink®: Flow Calibration

    This video describes the process for calibrating the flow meter on a MultiPro 1750 and 5800 with GeoLink. This procedure complements an additional operator’s manual and should be done anytime different size nozzles are used for a spray application. The math equation that is used: ((Catch test in oz) * 4 * 12) / (128) = Total volume sprayed in gallons.

  • NEW Toro® e-Dingo™ Compact Utility Loader

    Now shipping! The new Toro® e-Dingo™ is a battery-powered Dingo compact utility loader. The unit is ideal for applications that require zero exhaust emissions, and features non-marking tires, a tire that prevents scuffing for indoor use. This machine also boasts a lifting capacity of over 500 pounds. The e-Dingo’s frame is leveraged from the proven Dingo 323 compact utility loader.

  • Toro Sports Fields and Grounds Irrigation

    Whether you manage a professional sports field that hosts some of the world’s elite athletes, or the baseball diamond at the local park, Toro can help keep your field looking its best with a wide range of irrigation solutions engineered with professional groundskeepers, contractors, and designers in mind.

  • Toro® MultiPro® GeoLink®: Bypass Calibration

    This video describes the process for calibrating the bypass valves on a MultiPro 1750 with GeoLink. This procedure complements the operator’s manual and should be done anytime different size nozzles are used for a spray application.

  • From Start To Finish - Count on Toro Professional Landscape Equipment

    Grow your business with Toro and invest in the absolute best equipment for your crews. Toro offers a vast portfolio of innovative, professional landscaping equipment for all seasons. From cutting grass, debris removal, plowing snow, irrigation, and more, we've got you covered. Trust in a company that’s been here for over 100 years.

  • TRX Trenchers

    The newly redesigned TRX trenchers have quickly been accepted into the trenching and rental worlds. The new TRX-250 and TRX-300 feature Intelli-Trench™ technology, an innovation that optimizes the machine’s hydraulic flow for the digging conditions. This system automatically diverts the hydraulic flow from the traction motors, providing more power for the trencher head. As a result, the traction handle can be held in one place without requiring constant adjustment, reducing operator fatigue and optimizing performance. In addition, the Intelli-Trench feature decreases track wear and maintains engine RPM for efficient engine cooling.

  • Swivel-Dump Mud Buggy

    Visitors to the 2020 ARA Show in Orland, Florida got a sneak peak at the proto-type Swivel-Dump Mud Buggy by Toro. Built on the same frame as the popular MBTX-2500 Mud Buggy, this new swivel dump will feature a redesigned tub that allows it to swivel 180-degrees and also offers a thicker 3/8 inch polyethylene material. That along with the dump switch mounted between the traction controls bar will make this machine a hit among concrete professionals. Shipping late summer, 2020.

  • e-Dingo

    During The 2020 ARA Show in Orlando, Florida, visitors to the Toro booth got to learn more about the new e-Dingo™: a battery-powered Dingo compact utility loader. The unit is ideal for applications that require zero exhaust emissions, and features non-marking tires, a tire that prevents scuffing for indoor use. This machine also boasts a lifting capacity of over 500 pounds. The e-Dingo’s frame is leveraged from the proven Dingo 323 compact utility loader. This product will begin shipping to authorized Toro dealers in the April/May timeframe in 2020.

  • 17mm Drip In® Brown Surface Dripline

    With higher water costs in our future, it makes more sense than ever to use inline tubing in suitable landscape applications. Drip In PC is both an effective and economical choice for at-grade installations and now comes in an industry-standard 17mm size.

  • Tri-Loc™ Hose Fittings and Accessories

    Tri-Loc™ drip fittings are a much more ergonomic alternative to traditional compression and insert barb fittings. Tri-Loc fittings also offer exceptional retention strength and are great for both new and existing systems alike.

  • New 60V Electric Battery Hedge Trimmer from Toro

    Spruce up your lawn care routine with the Toro 60V* Battery 24" Hedge Trimmer. It can tackle big jobs in no time with a 24" bar and 3/4" cut capacity. Get a cleaner, more efficient trim with less vibration with the crisscrossing, scissor-like blades of the dual-action cutting system. Plus, rotate the handle with the push of a button for quick, easy, and comfortable vertical trimming. Cut the cord with runtime up to 75 minutes on a full charge.** Toro 60V is the one-stop-shop for all-season performance. Universal battery powers all tools in the Flex-Force line, from mowers to string trimmers to snow blowers. See more Toro 60V battery tools at

  • Toro Lynx® Centralized Irrigation Management

    Ultimate Irrigation Precision, Uniformity and Control

  • Best New Business Software for 2020 - Horizon360™

    Manage your landscape business with the Horizon360™. Improve efficiency and profits with this all-in-one software. You business info all in one place, including customer data, crew details, job schedules, track your crew and equipment, automate your billing system, and much more. GPS technology allows you to provide remote job estimates, and geofencing lets you track your crew’s movements and ensure your equipment is where it’s supposed to be. Best of all, it's compatible with ALL brands of commercial equipment to utilize the software. Visit CUT CHAOS DOWN TO SIZE!

  • All-New Toro Stand-On Spray Master Sprayer

    Introducing the all-new Toro Spray Master. With three different sized units, you can handle any size job. Haul up to 220 pounds in the hopper, 60 gallons in the tank, and up to 100 pounds of fertilizer on-board. With a three-part spray boom, on-board spray hoses, side deflectors, and one-hand steering, you'll always be in complete control. Count on it. See the Spray Master lineup at

  • IntelliDash™ Course Management Platform

    Course managers and superintendents have access to more data than ever, and the upcoming IntelliDash™ platform from Toro integrates all of that data into a single dashboard. With just a glance, superintendents will be able to view real-time operational data, including agronomic conditions, labor, asset location and equipment health. For agronomic conditions, IntelliDash will integrate popular Toro products and other data sources, like Lynx® Central Control and Turf Guard®, enabling users to view irrigation system status, sensor data and the latest weather information at a glance.

  • Toro® Groundsmaster® 3200/3300

    The Groundsmaster 3200/3300 delivers unparalleled productivity. Featuring a powerful 37.4 HP (27.9 kW) or 24.7 HP (18.4 kW) engine, CrossTrax® all-wheel drive and legendary Groundsmaster decks, the Groundsmaster 3200/3300 makes quick work in even the toughest terrain while delivering an exceptional quality of cut. For more information visit

  • New Toro 21" 60V Electric Lawn Mower

    Save time, finish faster and make your job easier with Toro's 21 inch electric Steel Deck Recycler® Push 60 Volt Max Battery Mower. Raise your expectations with this easy-to-start, easy-to-use, and easy-to-maintain mower. It's ready when you are, as it starts the first time, every time. Made to last, it has rugged durability with a steel deck, not plastic. We've Got You Covered. Enjoy peace of mind with a 2-year full mower warranty mower and 3-year full battery. Count on it.

  • NEW 30" Toro TurfMaster HDX Commercial Mower

    Cut more grass in fewer passes than ever before with the TurfMaster's wide 30" deck. You'll tackle hilly terrain and full bags of clippings with ease with a strong MV702 transmission. Every component from top to bottom is made for heavy use in rough conditions, from curbs and trailers to multiple operators. And you'll spend less time refueling with the large one-gallon gas tank. Not only is this mower built to last, it's also designed to give you the professional-quality cut your customers demand for even the most complex mowing jobs. And you can rest easy knowing that Toro stands behind its mowers with 1-year warranty. And as a Toro owner, you'll have access to nearly 4,000 servicing dealers across the U.S. and Canada ready to assist you. Find a dealer near you at

  • New Super Recycler Lawn Mowers

    This midnight-black Super Recycler® carries the "wow" factor far beyond its sleek styling. Give your corner of the earth a hand by reducing water and fertilizer use with the Super Recycler® Cutting System. Rock-solid construction with commercial components means you'll enjoy years of every-day reliability. Take mowing creature comforts to the next level with FLEX Handle suspension and hassle-free maintenance. And you can rest easy knowing Toro stands behind its mowers with 5-year full warranty. Count on it. For more, visit

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